About Cucina Chef

Sue Buckle PNG Headshot


When Sue isn’t participating in 5k and 10k runs to help raise funds for Cancer Research, managing the HR Systems and Payroll Management Department of a small global company based out of London or enjoying time with the latest edition to her family,  her beautiful grandchild, she is following her entrepreneurial dream to help support her retirement and eventually leave a gift to her family for the generations that follow.

“It was my passion for cooking that led to founding of Cucina Chef. “

The Mission

It is Sue’s dream to build Cucina Chef into a company that maintains a solid ethical foundation that continually pays attention to sustainable global awareness, the promotion of good health and charitable giving, while never forgetting to pause a moment and embrace local artistry, regional flavors and unique innovations focused on the kitchen and the culinary arts.

When asked about the her vision for Cucina Chef :

“In order for me to live happily and with a good conscience it is important for me to intertwine my beliefs in healthy choices and responsible living into the core of Cucina Chef.”

All products sourced are from ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and SA 8001 (Social Responsibility) compliant factories to ensure they fit in with the company’s ethos of sustainability and responsibility to employees with no child or forced labour.

The Future

Sue aims to diversify Cucina Chef to include healthy lifestyle oriented supplements and sports nutritional goods.

“…there are so many great products out there. I want to share those great finds and products I endorse with others.”

Charitable giving

On her own Sue has raised nearly $5000 to support Cancer Research by participating in the Larres Trec in Peru.  Sue is also repeat participant of the Tesco Race for Life, these marathon events are leading fund sources for Breast Cancer Research and Awareness in the UK and something Sue really looks forward to.

“Running in these events (the Tesco Race for Life,)  really brings joy to my life, I hope I can inspire acts of charity in others.”

Sue plans on developing more charitable programs to be sponsored by Cucina Chef that will promote the social responsibility of helping your fellow man and to take care of those less fortunate.

Sue welcomes all comments.  Please feel free to use the space below or contact us by clicking here.