Christmas Table Cloth and Runner


Charming Christmas Table Adornments

Definitely a delight for the eye to see! These embroidered pieces are another great find brought to you by Cucina Chef.  Table cloth and runner are easy to clean, machine washable, 100% polyester.  Beautiful cut-outs accent both pieces that may work together as contrasting pieces or used separately throughout the home during the holiday season.

Red Woven Table Cloth Framed Our red, woven table cloth is intricately detailed with flowers, candles and decorative lace.  It’s measurement are  94.5 x 55.1 x 2 inches.

White Woven Runner Framed

The elegant white table runner is also made of high quality stitching that works well on it’s own in bringing out the festive beauty of your table, side board or counter-top.




Both items are sold separately via our storefront at  We have had such a great response from our customer’s who received our items for free or at a reduced price in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.  We would like to take a moment to extend an extra thank you for the time they put in to photograph our items for you to view.

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