Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinders

Stainless Grinder SP

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Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

Gone are the iconic salt and pepper shakers of yesteryear, now we expect much more from our dining experience including the desire to enjoy the freshly milled tastes of aromatic peppercorns or indulge in the gourmet salts that were once unknown to many.

Your table will be ready, set, go, with the addition of this simple, yet elegant pair of grinders to appeal not only to taste buds but to the eyes as well with a clear glass body that will showcase your salts and peppercorns.

Our top of the line grinders come with a ceramic core grinding mechanism.  Designed to stay upright to avoid spills on your counter top or table.  The stainless steel lids are designed to protect contents from outside moisture and dust.  Large holding capacity of 3/4 of a cup means less time spent refilling container.  Wide mouth opening of 1.5 inches means easier refill with less spillage.  Suitable for use with all coarse salts, peppercorns or other favorite spices.  Easy to clean, just unscrew glass body from grinding mechanism and wash parts with warm, soapy water.  Make sure to air dry thoroughly air dry before filling with contents to prevent clogging.  Spices not included.

Not only would this pair be a quality addition to your table , it makes for a great gift as well.       

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